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About RD Recruitment

RD Recruitment was established in 2011 with a view to combining entrepreneurship with our interest in people. Founder Ruben Verkuijl started RD Recruitment, followed by Diederik Veenhoven in 2012. In 2014 Philippe den Hollander joined RD Recruitment to start our Legal pratice, All three have a financial MSc background from Rotterdam in common. 

At RD Recruitment we focus on internships and analyst positions for graduates. We are geared towards Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Strategy Consulting and Legal.

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Our team

Philippe den Hollander

Consultant | Co-owner

Femke van Daalen

Consultant Finance

Emma Mensen

Consultant Legal

Frank de Best

Junior Consultant Finance

Carlijn van Vliet

Junior Consultant Legal

David Kortz

Junior Consultant Finance

Marinus Prakke

Junior Consultant Legal

Sjoerd van Breda

Junior Consultant Finance